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after school chess program with Kolter Elementary

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This registration is only for Kolter's Students.

Zoom Rules and Code of Conduct:

  • Students Video always needs to be on in the classroom
  • Students will sit in front of your computer like you do in a classroom, not on beds, sofas, and relaxing flat on the floor.
  • Students will not eat in chess class. Drinks are fine. 
  • Please type your child's name on the zoom meeting, this will help with quick attendance before class starts.
  • When students move into groups, there will be a 20 second delay. 
  • Children who fail to conduct themselves according to the rules will be given a warning and their parents will be notified of their misconduct.  Continued misconduct will result in notification to Kolter's administrators and/or suspension from the Chess Program.  Children suspended from the chess program for misconduct will not be entitled to a refund on the registration fee.
  • Students found using other devices during chess class, will be given one warning before dismissal from the program.
  • It will be advisable if Parents do not get involve during class, but coaches are more than happy to answer any questions via email or text.
  • Parents and Students are not allowed to video tape any classes.