We Share the Love of the Game

We have 75- and 60-minutes classes.  We allow for make-ups if students cannot make their regularly scheduled class due to illness. You can register online or in person at the administration office. 

Go to shop, click on pic and scroll down to select session. Please note the session rating, day of week and time.  Please contact us by email if you have any questions:

Nellie Naidoo:  chessmastersofhouston@gmail.com

Daniel Fernandez:  Chessmastersofhoustonadvanced@gmail.com

Commonly asked Question:

1)  What is a rating?

A rating is earned when your child is registered with the United States Chess Federation to participate in Tournaments.  When they play in tournaments, they will start to earn a rating. 

If your child doesn't have a rating and have played with his school team or have learnt chess prior to joining our school, we suggest calling us at 832 721 4945 or email, so we can advise you on which class to select from our choices. 

2)  What Level should I join for a beginner Class?

Level 1:  If your child is learning chess for the first time

Level 2:  If your child knows how to move the pieces and checkmate

Level 3:  If your child played in tournaments and have a rating of 400 and less.