We Share the Love of the Game

Following a long search for a capable chess instructor, Ms. Naidoo first hired Mr. Fernandez to work at the Rogers summer camp in 2012. Daniel’s ability to work with children and develop their higher order thinking skills made for a successful chess program.  Following the completion of his teaching prerequisites, Daniel was hired to teach chess and computer science at Rogers.  Both Mr. Fernandez and Ms. Naidoo remain steadfastly committed toward ensuring that all students in Houston have an opportunity to receive a world-class chess education at an affordable price.

At Chess Masters, we instill in our students that every move must have a purpose. Here are ours:

  1.  To effectively engage more students in logical and critical thinking
  2.  To make Chess the most popular sport in Houston
  3.  To promote more women in chess
  4.  Most importantly, to share the love of the game!

We will organize small group lessons dependent on student ratings.